When it comes to travelling solo as a female, one of the major factors that we consider when deciding where to go is safety.

So, how exciting is it to hear that one of the most picturesque destinations on Earth is also one of the safest? Well, Iceland -- the tiny island nation known for outdoor adventure and rich culture -- is a pretty safe choice! I believe with a deep passion that Iceland is the best safe destination for women travelling solo.
How safe is Iceland?
Iceland has been named by The Global Peace index as the most peaceful country in the world. Not only that, but travellers - especially solo females - become part of a supportive traveller community in Iceland. A community that looks after one another. Those visiting Iceland are often looking to explore the country’s stunning landscapes and to connect with other wanderers. These bonds usually start in hostel common rooms where travellers begin their Icelandic adventures - and the HI Iceland chain of hostels are some of the safest places to stay on your visit!
The safety of Reykjavik
Most travellers will arrive into the country’s Capital of Reykjavík which is said to be one of the safest capitals in the World. Located on the coast, the largest city in Iceland will treat visitors to an amazing history, gorgeous scenery and fantastic food. What more could you hope for right? 
3 Reykjavik HI Hostels
Well what about a choice of 3 safe and highly rated hostels to use as a base from Reykjavík!
Hostelling International Iceland has 3 different hostels around the city to suit your accommodation needs.
Reykjavík Downtown HI Hostel boasts a charming boutique feel within walking distance from the centre of the city.
Reykjavík City HI Hostel is right next to the gorgeous Laugardalur park perfect for adventures.
Last but not least there is Reykjavík Loft HI Hostel which houses a large and lovely rooftop cafe and bar to take in the cityscapes.
Female only dorms
These 3 Reykjavik hotels are perfect places to meet other like-minded travellers in a safe and social space. As a female solo traveller one of the concerns might be the sleeping arrangements in the hostels. But, no worries as the hostels take care of the worries as the have several types of female only dorm options. With rooms ranging from 4 -10 beds, every dorm has comfortable mattresses, private lockers and personal charging outlets for each guest.
Security with CCTV in place
With all those amenities plus an added level of security with CCTV in place, key card only access and a manned reception desk it should be no surprise that any one of these three hostels are the perfect place for solo female travellers to visit.
Attention to details at the hostels
As someone who has stayed in dozens of hostels around the World, I truly appreciate the small details in the hostels. Whether it’s the cozy and social common area, a fully equipped kitchen, friendly tour recommendations, Reykjavík Hostels offers it all.
Safe ways to meet new people
If you need any more convincing the hostels offer free daily activities in their social spaces which is a great way to meet new people while also maybe learning a new skill or doing something that you love. At the hostels the travelers are encouraged to utilize car sharing opportunities to be more environmentally friendly. 
International friendly staff
Reykjavík HI Hostels have an incredible team of staff from all over the World. Those speaking all different languages to assist you in planning out your adventures and to ensure you make the most of your visit to the country. They will offer you tour recommendations, restaurant or bar suggestions and good tips to enjoy the city and must see places of Iceland.
Environmentally friendly practices
You can find environmentally friendly practices being put into place in other areas of the hostel, as well. HI Iceland discourages the use of single-use plastic water bottles and “re-homes” items left behind such as books, games, and beauty products. You’ll find recycling bins onsite and you’ll even get a discount on hot drinks if you have your own takeaway cup. And not only that - but the extra money collected from you purchasing a takeaway cup is donated. With 50% of the revenue from this extra fee being donated to Landvernd (The Icelandic Environment Association) you won’t feel too bad if you forget your own mug at home. But these are just a handful of the ways the hostels go above and beyond to promote their eco-friendly mission!
Respecting the country, you are visiting
An important bonus is when the hostel goes above and beyond to create a sustainable environment for both it’s guests and the city. This is something the 3 Hostels in Reykjavík properties do brilliantly. From asking guests to take “The Icelandic Pledge” in which they ask guests commit to respecting the land, the wildlife and other people while they’re in the country, the full pledge can be found on their website.
Iceland is the best safe destination for women travelling solo
For any traveller, heading off on a solo adventure can be both a nerve-racking and an exciting opportunity. No matter what your age or gender, safety is usually the number one thing on most minds. And when it comes to choosing what country to visit next, being female can -- in some cases -- make this decision a little more difficult. That’s why I believe with a deep passion that Iceland is the best safe destination for women travelling solo.
I also believe that choosing any of the three HI Reykjavík hostels will give you that added sense of security and belonging. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and tell your family not to worry as you book yourself that ticket to Reykjavík to experience it all for yourself! Oh, and don’t forget your keep cup!


Laura Oxley hails from Canada and has been lucky enough to live in several different countries around the world.
She is passionate about the outdoors, photography and has a strong case of permanent wanderlust.