Sustainable Hostelling - labels, certifications & awards

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The two Reykjavik HI Hostels proudly hold The Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It is the official Ecolabel of the Nordic countries, a voluntary and positive practical tool for consumers to help them actively choose environmentally sound products and services. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an ISO 14024 type 1 Ecolabelling system and is a third-party control organ. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel demonstrates that a product or service is a good environmental choice, without compromising the quality.
It is important to us to offer our guests facilities and service that treat nature, environment, and culture with respect. We have therefore chosen the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as our tool to ensure that our operations are in harmony with our vision.
The Dalur HI Hostel was the first accommodation in Reykjavík that received the Swan certification back in 2004 and Loft HI Hostel did the same back in 2013, only 6 months after its opening.
Here are the Annual Swan Reports from 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019. The next report coming up is in 2023.  
Becoming a Swan-certified service is a long-term process. It is necessary to adapt the business to comprehensive criteria that change with time to comply with the newest legislative and new green trends. To ensure that we fulfill this we monitor our operations vastly and continuously look for innovative solutions that make it possible for us to do better. Now, everything from washing liquid to lighting and furniture is chosen according to the criteria. 

HI Quality & Sustainability - management system

HI has developed a way of ensuring quality and sustainability in the hostels worldwide, firstly through internationally agreed HI Standards and secondly through HI´s Quality and Sustainability Management System  HIQ and HI-Q&S . These are labels that stand for our commitment to provide an experience of high quality, with a positive effect on the local economy, communities, and the environment. The certification proves that all processes and their quality level within the organization are documented, checked, measured, and if needed improved. 
HI-Q and HIQ&S are being implemented in most key HI Hostels worldwide on top of Assured Standards.  Dalur HI Hostel and Loft HI Hostel are two of those hostels, proudly holding HI-Q&S. The management system enables us to consistently improve and deliver high standards to ensure you have a great hostel experience.


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