We welcome groups of any size. Whether you are planning business travel, students, sports, bands, or just a bunch of best friends and family traveling together, send us more information and we will happily assist.



HI Iceland Hostels offer great facilities for groups of all types and sizes in Reykjavík and around the country. Each hostel is unique, and each hostel will ensure a unique group experience! With a wide range of affordable room types, dedicated group facilities, unbeatable locations, and much more, we can plan your perfect group getaway.

  • An international, relaxed, culturally diverse, and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Affordable rates to help make your group's trip possible.
  • Wide selection of rooms and shared spaces.
  • Self-catering facilities and onsite meals.
  • Private accommodation is available for leaders.
  • Great locations near fun activities, nature, and attractions.
  • Assured quality; our hostels are inspected and must meet international standards for comfort, security, cleanliness, privacy, and welcome.
  • Self-catering guest kitchens to reduce costs and breakfast, packed lunches evening meals can be booked at many hostels for convenience.
  • Free WiFi
  • Classrooms/meeting rooms for study sessions and day preparation at some locations.
    Please contact us for further information

Let us help create a truly unique experience for your group!