HI Iceland - Equality Policy


Equality Policy - HI Iceland

HI Iceland strives to be exemplary with regards to equality and to purposefully work towards its goals in achieving equality within the organization, in accordance with Paragraph 18, law on equality and equity no. 10/2008. Staff equality is achieved by:

Strategy Aims

  • We provide equal pay and equal benefits for the same work or work that has the same value. We work strategically and purposefully when it comes to assessing salaries and benefits and we continue to make improvements to our work procedures to eliminate any gender-related pay gap.
  • We respect all, regardless of gender, sexuality, sexual identity, origin, religious beliefs and nationality. We aim for more balance between the genders within different work places and departments and we seek various means to achieve this goal. We take every opportunity to increase equality awareness amongst staff.
  • We take equality perspectives into account in strategy work and decision-making and ensure even gender ratio when selecting into management positions. Assessment of success rate in equality matters is a part of every management role and annual staff survey reflects the current situation


  • Flexibility is important at HI Iceland. We try to maintain a balance between job demands and family life to the best of our abilities. Such flexibility depends on the close cooperation and confidentiality.
  • All communication shall be characterised by tolerance, respect and kindness. HI Iceland does not tolerate bullying, gender-related or sexual harassment, or any other form of violence against staff, physical nor mental. Pornography and pornification are not tolerated in the workplace. The workplace shall promote safety and well-being of staff and prevent prejudice. HI Iceland ensures that services and facilities are not used for human trafficking and/or slavery, or sexual abuse.


The action plan for equality shall be presented in the workplace.

An Equality Committee shall be formed to serve for two years. The committee shall meet at least on a monthly basis from September to May each year. The action plan for equality shall be continuously developed as with other strategic work. An assessment of salaries, workplaces, and other measureable units stated in the action plan shall be made every two years. The Equality Committee, in collaboration with the Human Resources Manager, collects gender-disaggregated data based on this policy on a yearly basis.

The Equality Policy is in accordance with HI Iceland’s Strategic Policy Document from April 2016, which defines the main strategy, philosophy, vision for the future, and values of the organisation. The Equality Policy shall be introduced to staff and be accessible on the organisation’s intranet. An action plan to clearly state the responsibility, implementation, and follow-up has been done in relation to the Equality Policy.

The Equality Policy is revised every two years and the revision shall also consider the assessment of the action plan. Changes to the policy shall be approved by the Board of HI Iceland and introduced to staff.

Approved by the Board of HI Iceland, October 25th, 2016
Revised and approved by the Board of HI Iceland, February 20th, 2019.