HR Policy - HI Iceland


HI Iceland - Human Resources Policy

HI Iceland’s distinction and strength in competition are based on staff’s awareness and passion for HI Iceland’s values: broad-mindedness, respect, and hospitality.

Hiring and Departure from Employment

HI Iceland strives to hire competent and trustworthy staff who complements the whole team. When selecting new staff, education, specialised knowledge, experience, personality, fields of interest as well as strong social skills are all deciding factors. We seek staff with a strong worth ethic, who is interested in HI Iceland’s philosophy and who wants to grow professionally.

HI Iceland’s ambition is to welcome new staff properly and that all new staff members receive training on HI Iceland’s operations, its mission, goals, as well as its strategies.

HI Iceland is grateful to the staff that joins the organisation and strives to maintain a good relationship with those who depart from employment. We say goodbye in a friendly manner and give thanks for the cooperation.


Communications and Information Sharing

HI Iceland wants its staff to speak proudly of their employer and staff members are strong spokespersons for the organisation. The values: broad-mindedness, respect, and hospitality guide us in all communications where empathy and consideration are ever-present. Line of communications are clear, and open and constructive discussions on what can be improved in the workplace to better our joint success are encouraged.

Job satisfaction, good morale, and the well-being of staff members takes precedence at all times. Staff works together towards improvements and has management’s extensive authority to take action. A positive attitude in communications with team members and guests is considered the key to job satisfaction and to being active in the workplace.


Job Development, Training, and Education.

HI Iceland sees job training and development as a mutual task for both staff and senior management in order to reach optimal success. We believe it is imperative that staff members take responsibility for their own job performance and for maintaining knowledge by actively seeking various information related to their work. It is therefore important that staff has the opportunity to work on various projects in order to grow professionally. Active feedback will add to staff’s competence and knowledge.

Staff, student trainees, volunteers, and others involved with the organisation are offered diverse training and education as part of HI Iceland’s education plan.

Increasing the cultural awareness of both staff and management is emphasised by offering both social and human rights education. Icelandic language lessons for foreign staff are encouraged.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility

HI Iceland leads by example and honour its commitments regarding social responsibility and sustainable operations according to its newly published strategic policy, and by having clear and measurable goals. At its own hostels, HI Iceland uses an environmental management system, which is the foundation for all quality and environmental certifications. Thus, HI Iceland appeals to staff who identifies with our values and philosophy, and is ready to be actively involved.

We believe it is a part of the organisation’s social responsibility to offer young people the facilities and opportunity to develop their strengths and put their ideas into practice. HI Iceland celebrates diversity as it strengthens modern society.

HI Iceland has its own transportation policy and makes staff transportation contracts.


International Cooperation and Innovation

HI Iceland wants to create an encouraging job environment that enables the professional and personal growth of each team member, in accordance with new opportunities and work challenges. The organisation strategically collaborates with recognised local and international organisations, education institutions, rehabilitation centres, as well as other Hostelling International national associations.

Special emphasis shall be put on instructive feedback for volunteers and student trainees. Each person’s unique strengths are valued and appropriate work assignments given. To ensure fairness and justice, HI Iceland follows a code of ethics, and conditions set for these special projects.

Equality and Equity

HI Iceland’s Equality Policy emphasises equal opportunities for all, regardless of sex, age, ancestry, sexuality, sexual identification, religion, or other cultural standing. Staff shall be treated with the same respect and has equal opportunities regarding work, wages, rewards, job training, and facilities. HI Iceland does not tolerate bullying, prejudice, violence against women, nor sexual violence.

HI Iceland makes efforts so that staff is able to coordinate job demands and family life, and staff is encouraged to maintain a balance between the two.


Health Care and Preventive Measures

HI Iceland cares about the health of its employees; therefore, reinforcing health issues, such as smoking cessation, is a part of the HR policy. The job environment should meet requirements for workplace health and safety. The goal is to create an accident-free workplace and that staff practices a healthy lifestyle. Management includes constant improvements that increase the safety of staff, collaborators, and guests.

The Human Resources Policy is in accordance with HI Iceland’s Strategic Policy Document from April 2016, which defines the main strategy, philosophy, vision for the future, and values of the organisation. The Human Resources Policy shall be introduced to staff and be accessible on the organisation’s intranet. An action plan to clearly state the responsibility, implementation, and follow-up has been done in relation to the Human Resources Policy.

The Human Resources Policy is revised every two years and the revision shall take into account the assessment of the action plan. Changes to the policy shall be approved by the Board of HI Iceland and introduced to staff.

Approved by the Board of HI Iceland, September 20th 2016.