Transportation Policy - HI Iceland

HI Iceland - Transportation Policy

HI Iceland’s mission is to support sustainable and responsible tourism. In order to reach that goal, we emphasize the following:

Less pollution
By decreasing pollution due to transportation, HI Iceland contributes to protecting the environment. This includes greenhouse gases, particulate matter, soot, and sound pollution. HI Iceland supports eco-friendly and healthy transportation options for both staff and environmental benefits. Eco-friendly and healthy options include all transportation methods other than a private car, such as walking, cycling (electronic bicycles included), electric car, carpooling or traveling by public transportation and sharing rides as much as possible. HI Iceland endeavors constantly to find ways to reduce transport during working hours by going over work procedures and increasing phone meetings and teleconferences.

On work-related travels, staff members will use eco-friendly and healthy transportation options where possible and economical. An eco-friendly car is located at the City hostel for staff to use during working hours and for staff to reduce the usage of private car. The use of taxis and car rentals for work always needs to be approved by a supervisor. When a taxi is booked, an eco-friendly car shall be requested, if possible.

HI Iceland resolve to carbon offset all flights for work-related travels of their staff and the usage of the staff car. Staff will also be offered to carbon offset their own drive to and from work.

Healthy lifestyle
The health benefits of walking or cycling on a regular basis to and from work are unquestionable. By improving facilities for those who want to travel to and from work using another method of transportation than a private car, we promote equity in the choosing of a transportation method as well as changed habits of staff, improving both health and well-being. HI Iceland encourages their staff to use such options to get to and from work as well as during working hours.

Safe and vibrant environment.

The need for streets and parking spots is decreased by decreasing car traffic and by increasing the number of those walking, cycling, or using public transportation. This will lead to more people on the streets; fewer cars and more people will increase safety. Thus, HI Iceland participates in creating a safe and more vibrant environment.

These options are available to HI Iceland staff members:

  • Transportation contract between HI Iceland and employees.
  • Flexible working hours and good work facilities. Work hours take note of public transportation schedules.
  • Access to an eco-friendly staff car and bikes for staff during working hours. Registrations at the City hostel reception.
  • Good facilities for those who are physically active.
  • Encouragement and education related to eco-friendly transportation.
  • Discounts and offers on services, facilities, and equipment.
  • Actions that decrease the carbon footprint left by staff travel and carbon offsetting of flights.
  • Encouragement to participate in lifestyle-related projects, such as „Bike to work, Lífshlaupið etc.

The Transportation Policy is in accordance with HI Iceland’s Strategic Policy Document from April 2016, which defines the main strategy, mission, vision, and values of the organisation. The Transportation Policy shall be introduced to staff and be accessible on the organisation’s intranet. The Transportation Policy is revised every two years and the revision shall take into account the assessment of the action plan. Changes to the policy shall be approved by the Board of HI Iceland and introduced to staff.


Approved by the Board of HI Iceland, September 20th, 2016.
Revised by the Board of HI Iceland, February 18th, 2019.