HI Iceland - Sustainability Policy

At HI Iceland, as accommodation providers, we want our guests to experience a meaningful interaction with the local communities in a way that enriches all parties and promotes mutual understanding. We also encourage our guests to travel in a sustainable and responsible way by educating them on issues of sustainability, and by providing opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our guests' journey.
To us, sustainability means continuously striving to find new solutions to minimize the negative environmental impact of our operations. We are equally committed to respecting and enhancing social and cultural interests, as well as enhancing the economic well-being of our host communities.
At HI Iceland, we believe in a sustainable future for humankind. We take an active role in promoting sustainability within our community and we lead by example, and by good actions and practices in our operations.


We strive to maintain a balance between our guests' needs and expectations, our host communities, and the environment.

Our Nature, our hostels, sustainable consumption, and mobility
  • All purchased equipment is chosen according to durability as well as water and energy conservation options where applicable.
  • We save resources by not buying unnecessary or single-use items, and by choosing eco-labeled products whenever possible.
  • We protect nature by avoiding the use of polluting chemicals. Sewage shall be properly handled and solid waste is recycled as is feasible in all HI Hostels.
  • We prefer Icelandic and/or organic food, which is produced without pesticides and is fair trade labeled where applicable.
  • We reduce food waste by not throwing out food unnecessarily and strive to compost organic waste at all HI Hostels.
  • We recognize our responsibility towards climate change.
Our people, friends, and community
  • We respect human rights and we promote multiculturalism whilst acknowledging Icelandic cultural values.
  • We prioritize collaboration with like-minded suppliers that work in harmony with HI Iceland's mission, values, and sustainability standards.
  • We ensure fair wages and working conditions for our staff.
Financial sustainability, continuous improvement, and protection of destinations
  • We promote small-scale food production.
  • We ensure that accommodation at our hostels is carbon neutral by offering our guests the chance to donate money towards carbon restoration programs in Iceland.
  • We encourage our guests to stay longer than one night at each hostel.
  • We offer locally produced goods and services.
Approved by the Board of HI Iceland on April 18th, 2016.