Watercolors at the Loft Hostel

8. February 2018

The last time I painted - with oils or watercolors - was when I made a portrait for my nephew. It was supposed to be a surrealist image of a crystal ball on a pillar in the middle of Greece. What it looked like was a Fisher-Price toy that someone lost in oily rubble.

Although the end result wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, I remembered having a lot of fun painting the picture, which was one of the reasons I decided to check out the watercoloring event at the Loft Hostel HI Reykjavik.
When I walked in, I was greeted by an atmosphere that looked a lot like a New York City lounge. It was dimly lit with a bohemian kind of aesthetic and filled with both locals from the area and hostellers from all around the world. Coincidentally, I managed to sit next to a fellow hosteller who happened to be an art dealer from NYC.
"An art dealer at a water coloring event, that’s funny," I said.
"Yeah, that’s why I won‘t pick up a brush; there‘s too much pressure."
"Okay, I have to know," I asked, "Who’s more difficult to work with: artists or the people who buy their work?"
"The buyers," he responded quickly. "They‘re paying for the work, so they’re kind of allowed to be."
We laughed. I continued to paint, he continued to watch, and we continued to talk.
We spoke about his new job in NYC, my lack of weather-appropriate clothing, and how he met a woman who came here on an epic quest to eat puffin. 
It wasn’t long after he left that my portrait was finished. It was of an indecisive gecco at a crossroads, feel free to take a look:
Erik Ruiz, Office Manager at the HI-New York City officeErik Ruiz from NY works as an Office Manager at the HI-New York City office and serves as a chief liaison to the Human Resources team in Washington, D.C.
Erik stayed at Reykjavik City HI Hostel as a HI Connector in January 2018.