Top 5 waterfalls near Lake Myvatn that is probably one of the most amazing spots in North Iceland.

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when I say Iceland? One of them is definitelly the amount of waterfalls. While planning Iceland ring road tour you should definitely consider to visit the area around Lake Myvatn in North of Iceland. I want to point out a list of top 5 waterfalls near lake Myvatn that is probably one of the most amazing spots in North Iceland.
Dettifoss waterfall North Iceland
Let's start with Dettifoss, as many say, the most powerful waterfall in Europe and my favourite one. Dettifoss has the greatest volume of any waterfall in Europe, 500 cubic metres of water per second plunges over the edge. There are two ways how to reach this destructive beauty. Whether you enjoy the view from the safe distance or step literally, on the edge of Dettifoss itself. It's an unforgettable show to watch the power right from where it starts, especially with sunset or sunrise behind you. Moreover with a glimpse of sun you can also spot a rainbow all over this massive waterfall. 
If you like to hike, there is a 34 km long hiking trail along to a canyon which leads to Ásbyrgi, one of the coolest spots in the North.
Selfoss waterfall North Iceland
Selfoss waterfall is often overlooked by its neighbour waterfall, Dettifoss, but it is definatly worth the visit and is only 1 km away to the south. There are several other smaller waterfalls around so one might be confused where to look first. All of these waterfalls are part of natural wonders in Jokulsárgljúfur canyon, and the water comes from the glacial river in the mountains. Selfoss is just 11 meters high but it width is around 100 meters.
Hafragilsfoss is the second largest waterfall in the river, Jökulsá á Fjöllum, and is about one and a half kilometer north of Dettifoss. You can reach the waterfall both from east and west side of the river canyon. For the best view I recommend to watch it right from the parking lot. This waterfall is approximetely 30 meters high and 90 meters wide and is very fascinating with all the rock formations.
The name Goðafoss means „waterfall of the Gods“ and this the waterfall is connected with event in Icelandic history, the the conversion to Christianity in 1000. The water is falling from a height of 12 metres over a width of 30 metres. It takes around 30 minutes to walk around the area and the waterfall can be seen from two sides.  It is possibe to walk and see the waterfall from about 5 meters distance. That is a perfect spot for photographers. 
Aldeyjarfoss waterfall North Iceland
Aldeyjarfoss is little bit hidden in this picturesque canyon made of basalt columns.  It´s icy cold chilling pool with the bluest blue water I have ever seen, makes this spot photographer’s paradise. I would say that this waterfall is probably the most stunning one in the North of Iceland. The basalt columns are multi-coloured and are so symmetrical and beautiful and this is a piece of artwork.  
There are plenty options when it comes to chasing waterfalls in the North of Iceland. Everyone can find their own secret spots and ways to enjoy the nature and refuel the energy after long travels. 
Michaela has been living in Northern part of Iceland for more than 2 years.
After finishing her studies in Marketing Communications, she decided to enjoy life and see the world.
She is a passionate traveller and adventure seeker with many stories to tell.