This year Hostelling International are celebrating hostellings role in peace building with a Culture Box Exchange! #SleepforPeace

Sleep for Peace is a unique global initiative by Hostelling International since 2013, that reinforces the message that hostelling contributes to building peace on a day-to-day basis through travel and intercultural understanding amongst young people at home and abroad.
The UN International Day of Peace and World Tourism Day, create the ideal setting for the HI network to celebrate its year long peace building activities, to engage young people and promote peace and sustainable tourism.
  • To engage guests, communities, staff, volunteers and stakeholders in meaningful conversations, events and thinking about peace-building and intercultural understanding.
  • To start conversations: highlight the role of our hostels as safe places where cultures meet.
  • To celebrate diversity, tolerance and youth travel in the hostelling movement.
  • To get support/endorsement from international organisations involved in peace-building to enhance impact and dissemination of our shared values.
Events going on
Throughout the Sleep for Peace week, hostels in the HI network around the world synchronise celebratory efforts, rallying around a single message, and adding their own flavour to it, reflecting the uniqueness of each location and each hostel's role.
In today's international political and social context, we are proud to offer safe and quality hostels where cultures meet and conversations start. We want to make a clear statement that whoever you are, wherever you come from, you are welcome to share and celebrate with us.
Breaking Down Cultural Barriers
This year we are celebrating hostellings role in peace building with a Culture Box Exchange! Twenty-five associations across 5 continents will take part, by exchanging boxes with culturally significant items to highlight unique aspects of the senders region. Our aim is to inspire a sharing of knowledge, a breakdown of stereotypes and to create meaningful connections with people from around the globe whilst we travel.
Empowering Young People Across the World
On the 21st of September, each association participating in the Culture Box exchange will host a youth panel, encouraging cultural learning and understanding and giving future influencing generations a platform to share their vision of a peace-positive world.
Celebrating Hostellings Role in Peace
The HI hostels play a vital role in celebrating peace and cultural awareness every single day, which is why we plan to share our campaign for the world, with the world on the International day of Peace, 21st September.