Important information in Iceland about COVID-19. Regarding your questions about travels in Iceland and your bookings.

(Article updated 11. June 2020) 
Is it Safe to Travel to Iceland in 2020? 
Thanks to this rapid response and extensive testing, Iceland has effectively contained the coronavirus. The country has conducted more tests per capita than anywhere else in the world and avoided a strict lockdown. Life is almost completely back to normal in the country.

How is HI ICELAND responding to COVID-19? 

HI Iceland has strict health and safety guidelines and procedures in place across all our Reykjavik HI Hostels which helps to prevent the spread of illness. Now we have additional health and safety protocols in place. 
  • Schedule of frequent cleaning and disinfection of targeted areas, paying special attention to room keys, light switches, door handles and other hard surfaces. 
  • Easy access to handwashing facilities and hand sanitizers.
  • Sanitation procedures for kitchens and other common area facilities.
  • We are changing our catering options in guidance on food safety. 
  • Information and signs in hostels with guidance on healthy habits and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Regular communication and training with staff members about illness prevention, following the guidance from WHO and local authorities. 
Existing bookings at HI Iceland
Should your decision be to stay with us then we look forward to seeing you and want to reassure you that we aim to offer the best standard of accommodation possible and we will do everything we can to promote a healthy and safe hostelling experience. To protect yourself and others, we ask our guests to practise these healthy hygiene habits: 
  • Hands-free greetings and social distance.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water.
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and avoid touching your face. 
However, should you prefer to amend your travel plans, given these unique circumstances we are making the following adjustments to our booking terms and conditions to give you extra peace of mind: 
  • Individual Reservations. All reservations made directly with us to 31st May 2020 can be rebooked up to 8 months from the original arrival date or cancelled at no charge up to 48 hours before your scheduled arrival. If changes are made within 48 hours of arrival then the standard Terms and Conditions will apply.
  • Group Reservations (10+). Group Reservations (10+). All reservations for 2020 can be rebooked up to 12 months from the original arrival date. If this is not suitable then the standard cancellation fees will apply.
  • Third-party Bookings. If you need to adjust rservations made via a Third Party booking website you will need to contact them directly for assistance. 

Other important information

Guide on Travel to Iceland After Coronavirus Pandemic
Iceland is reopening its borders to tourists from June 15. Helpful information for tourists about Covid 19 and your safety if you are planning on travelling to Coronavirus free Iceland. More information.
How can travelers protect themselves from COVID-19? 
COVID-19, or ‘novel coronavirus,’ is a respiratory illness that was first detected in China in December 2019. Symptoms include high fever, cough and difficulty breathing. The virus can be spread via person-to-person contact or from contact with contaminated surfaces. To protect yourself and others, practice these healthy hygiene habits:
  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds
  2. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you can’t wash your hands
  3. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  4. Sneeze into a tissue. If you don’t have any, cough into your elbow, don’t use your hands.
  5. Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands
  6. Avoid contact with people who are sick
  7. If you are sick, stay at home or call a medical professional
Those who have traveled from areas with a high risk of infection and have cold-like symptoms should contact the Healthline 1700 (+354 544 4113) for those calling from a non-Icelandic phone number). The helpline is always the first point of contact and people must always call before going to hospitals or clinics to avoid possible spread of infection.
General advice about the Covid-19 virus
The WHO (World Health Organization) offers general advice on effective ways for people to protect themselves against the Covid-19 virus. See information.
We advise you to refer to the website of the Icelandic Directorate of Health for the latest information and advice on Coronavirus / COVID-19 virus in Iceland and also The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.
Covid website about what is happening in Iceland
The Directorate of Health and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management have launched a helpful and informative website on COVID-19 containing everything you could possible need or want to know about the virus, including how to protect yourself, how Iceland is responding, and special information for tourists.
We encourage everyone to take good care of their health, wash their hands thoroughly and be mindful of cleanliness.
We are monitoring the situation closely and will reassess our response as needed.
Please stay safe, in good health and look after yourselves as well as your neighbours and your communities. We are here for you. We will answer any questions you may have. Please contact us by email: