Have you ever wondered how it would be if we could freeze some moments? Staying at Fljótsdalur HI Hostel you can disconnected from the virtual world.

We all have those exceptional moments in our lives, which we would like to keep in mind, just the way they are: the first kiss, the first date, when we felt butterflies in our stomach, the last day at college, throwing the Oxford cap in the air, the hug, when we had to say goodbye to somebody we love. During those short periods of time we are aware of every smell, taste, touch. We are present. But the moment passes by and within a few hours we find ourselves running again.   
If you are reading this, most probably you feel this stream overwhelming and you are wondering about a holiday, where you can get far from the everyday rush, the dusty streets and the sound of the horns. About a place, where you could slow down the speeding time. Iceland is a great place for this, if you know where to go.
One expects stunning landscapes, quiet mountains and white, cracking glaciers when they arrive to the island, but if you don’t get off the bitten track you might find yourself surrounded by many strangers, driving long hours, to arrive back to Reykjavik at the end of the ring road, with beautiful memories and pictures, but possibly even more tired, then you were before. But there is so much more in this country then road 1.
Icelanders used to make a living out of fishing and agriculture, so visiting one of the old farms would be a great idea if you are interested in the real Iceland and you would like to have a better understanding of their mentality. They did not have many cars, but horses, the children were walking hours every day to get to school, but somehow, they lived a happier and fuller life, than many of us nowadays. They had to live in harmony with nature, which made them patient, you can’t hasten the natural process of growing. The old farms kept this vibe. When entering one, you will understand what I am talking about. It feels like time was stopped 40-50 years ago and it is as slow again, as it used to be. No more rush, constant stimuli, social media, just you, your traveling partner and the nature’s sounds.
Some of these places, like this, are easily accessible, next to the main road. There you can ride the Icelandic horse (do not call them ponies!) or try traditional food. Others are operating as hostels now, like the one at Fljótsdalur. When staying here, you can enjoy the views of the glaciers, go on short hikes and listen to the song of the wind. When it will start to get dark you can treat your body with your favorite cup of tea and your mind with an interesting book instead of a TV show. I was surprised how different the time passes by when I disconnected myself from the virtual world. On the way to this old farm you can stop at Gluggafoss, another hidden beauty of the country.
Choosing this way of experiencing Iceland will not only give you the possibility to get to know the real face of the country, but it is also more budget and environmentally friendly. You don’t have to use full tanks of diesel to have an unforgettable holiday. Nevertheless, you are meeting Icelanders and supporting small, local businesses.
Just get off the bitten track, slow down and enjoy the views, sounds, smells, feelings. It is better than being in a rush on your holidays as well. You are running enough in your everyday life.   


Eszter Mátyás is a student from Romania, who visited Iceland once and then decided to move here.

She is a nature lover and a travel blogger, passionate about hiking, photography and  outdoor activities.