Oh my have we come a long way from where we began in 80 years and in April we had our 1st anniversary event.

Farfuglar, Bandalag íslenskra Farfugla, was established in 1939 by a small group of students who had got to know the International movement down in Europe. It was formed and became a full member of the International Youth Hostel Federation back in March 1952. It quickly grew as a not for profit community of young travellers.
The year is 1946, in this photo,  a group of adventurous members of Farfuglar are posing doing what they love the most and what they pride themselves of being pioneers in, hiking and cycling the Icelandic highlands, discovering new places and people, planting trees and protecting nature, supporting communities and arranging simple accommodation for travellers out in the countryside - and last but not least - enjoying life away from home.   
HI Iceland 80th Birthday 
It is the start of Hostelling International Iceland - Farfuglar 80th Anniversary Year and in honor of the pioneers;  enthusiastic promoters of sustainable tourism we have filled the upcoming months with celebrations and events of all sorts.  
HI Iceland / Farfuglar have come a long way in 80 years and in our 1st Anniversary Event in April we shed light on how it all began, raised a glass, had a birthday cake and just enjoyed being together. There was music, some speeches, rewards awarded and we had fun.
We were so happy to have the owners and superhosts at few of the oldest and most rewarded hostels with us. 
Did you know that Akureyri HI Hostel has been in the HI Iceland chain since 1967 or 52 years, Berunes 45 years and Seyðisfjörður 44 years.  
As HI Iceland is at the forefront of sustainable and responsible in Iceland we felt it was vital in light of the celebration to provide the Reykjavík Forestry Association with a donation. 
Stay tuned on our next event – Hooray Hooray!
Photos from the 1st Anniversary Event in April.