Watercoloring night at Reykjavik Loft HI Hostel is a monthly event where guests paint and experiment with the water colors.

Anete created our little Blue Bird during Watercoloring Nights at Loft Hostel. 
Anete is packing her suitcase getting ready to travel back home after having spent the last few months in the city during her masterstudy in Interaction design and Arcitecture & Urban planning.  She is feeling slightly melancoly but first and formost she is thankful for our time together.
„I visited Iceland for the 1st time last year for just 10 days. We enjoyed the magnificent summerdays in nature. I can just say that I fell in love with the country; it´s contrasts and simplicity. However as we never made it to Reykjavik I felt there was more to discover.  I had to return and so I am taking part of my study in Reykjavik.
During my time here as an exchange student, Loft Hostel has been the place I go to when meeting friends and building new friendship. We attend the free events at Loft where people come together and do aquarelle´s.
Me and my friends think its a wonderful way of meditating together, in the inspiring and cozy athomsphere that Loft offers.“  Anete says with a big smile. 
For 3 years now, few times a month, family, friends and strangers are coming together at Loft Hostel and brake out the watercolors together.  Utilities are provided and Íris Marís the wonderful instructor is offering advice and assist if someone is after taking their watercoloring skills to the next level. 
Its in this warm athmosphere that our Little Blue Bird came to life, during Anete meditation. What a way of saying good buy and see you later. 
HI Iceland are sending a little Blue bird off, flying to all the ends of the earth bringing our friends the warmest of wishes for a wonderful holiday and many cheriched moments.