#Beatplasticpollution with HI Iceland on 3rd July help us to make it a plastic-free day

We are not here to talk about how plastic effects our Earth, you probably know a lot about that. People heard about the numbers of the plastic waste, bad nature pictures, potential dangers in the future, promised to do something about it, then forgot about it. It‘s easier to talk about it than making an action. HI Iceland is here to make it an action.

We know it‘s hard to get new good habits into the daily life. Removing plastic from the routine and putting something different is harder than it looks. That‘s why we decided to help people to remove plastic from their life by giving them cotton bags. Cotton bags are very strong, can be used for long time and of course environment friendly.













As your green messengers, we will be waiting in the reception for the new check-ins and give people free cotton bags, promote to use them instead of plastic ones and make a good difference for guests in their life.

















Please share your experience with #hiiceland and #beatplasticpollution hashtags on social media. And please remember that you don‘t need to wait for an environment day or any other special day to take an action for environment. Use the cotton bags, reduce, reuse and recycle all the time. After getting the habit it will be very easy to live that lifestyle.

Thank you for choosing our eco-hostel and thank you for reading this. We are hoping to see you soon again.


The Green HI Hostels project is run within the EU´s Erasmus+ programme: European Voluntary Service (EVS) and the volunteers are called Green messengers. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness about sustainability issues among international guests of HI Iceland, the staff of the HI hostels and the local community by maintaining the already developed sustainability policy of HI Iceland and developing new ways to increase sustainability consciousness in the daily activities of the HI hostels.  Their role is to explore different ways of promoting sustainability in the HI Hostels. This can be done in various ways and we are open to new ideas of the Green messengers that contribute to the sustainability work of HI Iceland.