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8. December 2021

A story about chocolate brownies and people

From Spain, passing through Iceland, all to way to USA, we want to share our story of how we can make connections through travelling, sharing feelings and food. Our hostels in Iceland have been and will be the theatres of these moments and we will always be here to celebrate the beauty of meeting up, sharing ideas and tips for your trip, be your home for one night or maybe more.

25. March 2021

Touched by the deepest wilderness of Mother Earth

Seeing a volcanic eruption with your own eyes, feeling the heat and energy of magma forcing its way to the surface from the center of the earth. It touches you: it touches your soul, your heart, your thoughts, your everything. From HI Iceland, we want to share our sensational experience with the world.

21. June 2020

Midnight Sun in Iceland

One can call Iceland, the land of the Midnight sun, as this natural phenomenon occurs in the summer months. How does Icelanders Celebrates Summer Solstice?

18. June 2020

10 Best Day Hikes In Iceland

Iceland is a nature lover’s paradise, full of incredible landscapes and natural wonders that you simply won’t find anywhere else on earth.

21. April 2020

The Best Hostels in the Westfjords

Looking for the best budget accommodation in the Westfjords? Iceland’s least visited region has great options to base yourself for adventures in this wild area of the country.

21. February 2020

The Best HI Hostels in West Iceland

Looking for places to stay in Western region of Iceland? "Iceland in miniature" with epic mountains and glaciers, hot springs and black sand beaches, and quiet fishing villages.

13. February 2020

Best Trail Running Races in Iceland

List of 21 best routes and places to run in Iceland and around Reykjavik, from tackling the mountainous fjords of the east to epic 250km trails across highland deserts.