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12. September 2018

HI Iceland celebrates Sleep for Peace

Sleep for Peace reinforces the message that accessibility to travel and youth hostelling contributes daily to peace-building by promoting travel and intercultural understanding amongst young people at home and abroad.

18. July 2018

10 Best Day Hikes In Iceland

Iceland is a nature lover’s paradise, full of incredible landscapes and natural wonders that you simply won’t find anywhere else on earth.

20. March 2018

8 Tips for Making a Long Stopover in Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland’s remote location in the north Atlantic makes it nearly equidistant from London and New York City. Yet, it’s austere volcanic terrain, dramatic waterfalls and sky-blue glaciers make it totally unlike either of those locations.

8. February 2018

Watercolors at the Loft Hostel

The last time I painted - with oils or watercolors - was when I made a portrait for my nephew. It was supposed to be a surrealist image of a crystal ball on a pillar in the middle of Greece. What it looked like was a Fisher-Price toy that someone lost in oily rubble.

21. December 2017

Farfuglaheimilið í Borgarnesi Svansvottað

Farfuglaheimilið í Borgarnesi hefur fengið vottun Norræna Umhverfismerkisins Svansins til staðfestingar á góðum árangri í umhverfismálum. Svanurinn var afhentur í Borgarnesi af Kristínu Lindu Árnadóttur, forstjóra Umhverfistofnunar og Birgittu Stefánsdóttur sérfræðings á sviði sjálfbærni við stofnunina.