A story about chocolate brownies and people

We live to make connections, to people, to places, to smells and tastes. Our memories are always connected to a specific moment, a feeling that connects us to something bringing back a specific picture in our mind. Today on this blog, left alone for maybe too long, we want to come back with a story that touched different people around the world, from Spain, to Iceland, all the way to the United States. Travelling can be a great moment to build connections, maybe with the persons we are travelling with, persons we encounter and places we see. Our hostels in Iceland have been and will be the theatres of these moments and we will always be here to celebrate the beauty of meeting up, sharing ideas and tips for your trip, be your home for one night or maybe more.

Not too long ago here in one of our hostels in Reykjavík we got a message from a past guest. A woman from USA who was amazed by the taste of the chocolate brownies served in the hostel’s café, which she had enjoyed during her stay in Reykjavík. She was asking for the recipe in order to bake them back at home for her family and friends. It happened that the recipe to make the brownies was brought itself from very far, precisely from Spain. The recipe arrived in our hostels few years ago (almost ten years ago, in 2013!) brought by a Spanish lady who came to visit Iceland. This woman came to pay a visit for a specific reason, she had met our CEO, Sirra, some time before in Garcia, a neighborhood of Barcelona, where they created a connection and then a friendship that is still lasting to this day.

The funny thing is that Sirra herself was encouraged to meet the new Spanish friend because, while walking on the streets of Barcelona, on the last day of the year, she was trapped by the delightful smell of those same brownies that are now connecting all these people, countries, and stories. The smell and taste of the brownies had connected two women, who had spent a great afternoon knowing each other’s and would then spend New Year’s Eve together as well.

The same brownies are nowadays baked in Spain, in Iceland and in USA…and we wonder how many places and people those brownies will encounter! Without anybody being aware, a thread of connections was created from people to places, constructing sweet memories that are now carried in different people’s hearts.

We are more than happy to share stories and to share as well good food, so if you want to try these brownies come and visit us in Dalur or Loft hostels in Reykjavík or send us an email to receive the recipe!