12. September 2018

HI Iceland celebrates Sleep for Peace

Sleep for Peace reinforces the message that accessibility to travel and youth hostelling contributes daily to peace-building by promoting travel and intercultural understanding amongst young people at home and abroad.

18. July 2018

10 Best Day Hikes In Iceland

Iceland is a nature lover’s paradise, full of incredible landscapes and natural wonders that you simply won’t find anywhere else on earth.

21. December 2017

Farfuglaheimilið í Borgarnesi Svansvottað

Farfuglaheimilið í Borgarnesi hefur fengið vottun Norræna Umhverfismerkisins Svansins til staðfestingar á góðum árangri í umhverfismálum. Svanurinn var afhentur í Borgarnesi af Kristínu Lindu Árnadóttur, forstjóra Umhverfistofnunar og Birgittu Stefánsdóttur sérfræðings á sviði sjálfbærni við stofnunina.

18. August 2017

Green Messengers - Green HI Hostels

The "green messengers" explore different of ways to illustrate and explain through practical works, speeches and printed materials how environmental/sustainability matters are tied in with our methods of travelling, daily life and the actions of each individual.

1. November 2016

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Iceland

Situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean just West of Norway, Iceland is a rapidly growing tourist destination among backpackers and luxury travelers alike. Perhaps best known for her natural beauty and luxurious geothermal pools, Iceland is home to a diverse array of landscapes and adventurous activities.