Quality and Environmental Standards HI Iceland

Hostelling International (HI) issues international quality standards which serve as basic requirements for HI Hostels around the world. The standards' purpose is to ensure guests' wishes and expectations regarding the services and facilities provided are met, no matter wherein the world the guests are located.
HI Iceland is obligated to adapt the quality standards to conditions in Iceland and make sure that hostels which belong to the chain of HI Hostels fulfil the requirements regarding services and facilities for guests.
The Quality and Environmental Standards are split into two different categories:
M (Mandatory Requirements): requirements that every HI Hostel must fulfil.
S (Supplemental Quality): suggestions for the hostels to provide their guests with even better service and experience.

Hostels that fulfil the Supplemental Quality Standards (S) in chapter 12 meet the requirements to be Green HI Hostels.

Download the Quality and Environmental Standards HI Iceland (PDF)



Green HI Hostels

To make it easier for travellers to go for a greener choice, some of the hostels are specially labelled as a Green HI Hostel.
These dedicated hostels have all shown their commitment to nature in the running of their hostels.
All HI Iceland hostels must fulfil General Quality and Environmental Standards, and to be able to use the Green HI Hostel logo the hostels also have to fulfil additional environmental criteria.
It is important to note that this is not a recognized environmental certification but standards that HI Iceland decides and supervises.