Hunting the Auroras


The Northern Lights are elusive- they like no cloud cover, no moonlight and absolutely no light pollution. To optimise your luck, you’ll need a spot in complete isolation- here are our recommendations.


On the edge of the East Fjords, Berunes HI Hostel is perfectly remote, while remaining close to amenities in Djúpivogur. Check the scenery over Berufjörður or catch the lights over the mountain, then warm up with a hot meal in the large kitchen.


For photography lovers, Skyrhusid makes the perfect spot. A ten minute drive from the diamond beach, you can capture two of Iceland’s most iconic sites at once. The lights reflect in the ice on the beach, a unique sight.


Also close to the diamond beach, Vagnsstaðir HI Hostel offers the unique views of Jökulsárlón and surrounding areas. It’s glass dining room also makes for a chance to watch the lights while staying inside- a must on cold winter nights!


Sæberg in North-West Iceland makes for a beautiful landscape over the West Fjords, as well as panoramic views of the fjord. Sæberg is also celebrated for it’s hot tubs, the perfect place to look up at the sky while staying warm.