Our Policies

HI Iceland´s Policies

HI Iceland is a membership organisation whose mission is to support sustainable and responsible tourism, as well as cultural diversity.
Human Resources Policy
HI Iceland’s distinction and strength in competition are based on staff’s awareness and passion for
HI Iceland’s values: broad-mindedness, respect, and hospitality.
Transportation Policy
HI Iceland’s mission is to support sustainable and responsible tourism. In order to reach that goal,
we continuously seek new ways of strengthening responsible lifestyle choices, values, and attitudes
when it comes to protecting nature. The ways which involve HI Iceland staff members are outlined in
this Transportation Policy, which also supports HI Iceland’s Sustainability Policy.
Action Based Equality Policy
HI Iceland strives to be an exemplary company, strategically working to achieve equality between the
sexes within the organisation, in accordance with Paragraph 18, law on equality and equity no.