Life at the Hostels

We could say that Life at the Hostels is a documentary series, or a sitcom, or we could say that it's an online music video channel – just like we could say it's one of those inspirational follow-our-travels Instagram accounts, or an online resource for sustainable tourism. The truth is you can't quite define it, and there's a reason why. The "life" part of the project's name hints at its complexity. Most of us experience life in its most thrilling form when travelling, and when you set foot in one of our HI hostels you are entering an entire world of fond memories, where the walls contain the echo of a million stories. 
And therein lies the purpose of this project. Our mission is to capture those moments, to save them for you and share them with the rest of the world. We want to witness the rapport of locals and travellers, coming together over a cup of coffee to hear each other out, then maybe enjoying live music together right here in one of our HI hostels.
That friendly spirit is exactly what HI is all about, which is why it's so important to have a project documenting the exciting, heartwarming and inspiring moments that make life at the HI hostels so memorable. 
Stefan Jovic
Life at the HI Hostels is one of two EVS projects managed by HI Iceland.
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