HI Hostels around the world

HI Iceland is a member of a global network of Youth Hostel Associations through Hostelling International (HI). We are proud to be a part of HI and hope that you will choose an HI Hostel whenever you travel abroad. Hostelling International is the brand name of more than 90 Youth Hostel Associations in 90 countries, operating over 3600 hostels world-wide. 
What makes HI different from other hostel operators is a focus on quality over quantity: all member countries are required to meet HI's internationally-agreed Assured Standards for comfort, so you can rely on a consistent level of services and facilities wherever you stay. No other international hostel operator can offer the same assurances, so be sure to look out for the HI logo before you book an international hostel. 
Some countries require their guests to be a member of the Hostelling family to stay at their hostels. That is yet another good reason for joining our wonderful HI family. We just want you to be aware of this. Below you can see a list of the countries and whether a membership card is required. To find out more information on member discounts in each country you are travelling to, we advise you to visit the HI websites of your destination country. Don’t forget to ask for local discounts at the hostel you will be staying at.