Summer Events in Iceland

Iceland is a hot destination in the summertime. In summer you can enjoy ‘endless’ summer evenings and try to stay awake for 24 hours while experiences 24 hours of sunlight or play mid night golf. Iceland attracts all kinds of people from being a nature lovers or sports interested or an adventurous type. Iceland has it all. Things for nature lovers are f.ex. bird watching, fishing, sea angling. Other fun ways of enjoying Iceland is horse riding. Swimming in outdoor or indoor swimming pools filled with water from natural hot springs is quiet the experience.
Reykjavik Arts Festival
Reykjavik Arts Festival was first held in 1970 and takes place every year for 3 weeks in June. The festival promotes Icelandic, Scandinavian and International culture through art exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance and opera performances.
Midnight Sun Run on June the 23rd
It is spectacular to run in the midnight sun in Iceland. Every year there is a Midnight run in Reykjavik where you can choose between 5 km or 10 km run.  In 2009 around 1300 runners took part in this run, that starts at Laugardalur swimmingpool After the run it is perfect to enjoy the midnight sun and relax in the Laugardalur swimmingpool. In June in Iceland the nights are brights and fun to be outside to enjoy the outdoor.
Salmon Fishing Season
Clean air and water are two of Iceland's major natural resources, both crucial reasons why there is a rich and proud tradition for producing some of the world's most delicious salmon. Salmon fishing in Icelandic rivers is in great demand, so it is advisable to book at least 2-3 months in advance.
Sefarerer´s day Seamans' Day & Festival of the Sea
he greatest celebration of the year in many fishing villages across the country and is celebrated the first weekend in June. Often a holiday for the whole villiage and always for seamen, there are rowing and swimming races and a chance for the young and not so young to test their skill and strength in contests from tugs of war to sea rescue. A fun filled and light hearted occasion with lots going on. It's a time when all Icelandic fishing vessels are in port and the crews celebrate with their families and visitors.
National Day of Iceland - June 17
Each year through most of the major towns and cities across Iceland, parades and musical celebrations take place to commemorate the date of Iceland attaining independence from Denmark in 1944. The day is a celebration of Icelandic culture exploring many of the myths and traditions associated with this fascinating land. The greatest celebrations are in Reykjavik with parades, street theaters and music, side shows and dancing, but throughout the country the day is a festive occasion. Celebrated all around the island, the Independence Day is truly a family festival and children love it.
International Viking Festival
The Vikings settled Iceland around 874 AD. The specially-built Viking Village near Reykjavík stages an annual Viking Festival, where modern-day Icelanders and visiting Vikings from all over the world get together. The festival began in 1995 and is run by Hafnarfjörður's Viking Village hotel and restaurant. Between weekends it moves to Sauðárkrókur on the north coast. Mid-June.
Summer Solstice in Iceland
Visitors are welcomed by Icelanders as they gather around Reykjavik and across the country to celebrate the magic of the midnight sun on the longest day of the year. As authentic as they would have been in the Viking age with people demonstrating arts and crafts, food, song and dance etc.
Arctic Open International Golf Championship - Midnight golf
The Arctic Open Golf Championship is an international event which draws golfers - both amateur and professional - and spectators from various parts of the world. The Arctic Open is a four-day championship event open to both professional and amateur golfers. This mid-summer night golf tournament is a 36 hole international match held among the majestic snow capped mountains of Akureyri takes place at the Akureyri Golf Club, the most northerly 18-hole golf course in the world. Participants will tee off in the evening and play through the night thanks to the never setting midnight sun. Golfing in the Iceland under the midnight sun is magical, it is light all night at midsummer on the Arctic Circle.
Harbour Days
During four days at the end of June, the old Reykjavik Harbor is a beautiful background to the fishmarket and maritime exhibition. The festivities include entertainment programs and a fairground.
is the largest gathering of horse enthusiasts in Iceland. Iceland has more than 100,000 horses, many of which are wild. The Icelandic Viking horse is a pure breed that has not changed since the Vikings rode on them a thousand years ago.
Sport competitions and extreme sports in Iceland
Come and visit Reykjavik and Iceland for sports activities.  What greater ways of experiencing the country then with running, cycling or swimming in the great swimming pools Iceland offers, or the pure refreshing sea.
Heard about the Nauthólsvik Thermal Beach? Thanks to the geo-thermally heated beach at Nauthólsvik Bay you can swim in the water around the island that is south of the Arctic Circle
Triathlon and half Ironman Championship
Triathlon is a young sport in Iceland but is becoming more and more popular every year. There are several competitions held every year, mostly sprints and half olympics, but also a couple of Olympics and one half ironman. 
A triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. Try something new and Icelandic triathlete is more than an adventure.
Icelandic Open Water Swimming Championship
Open Water Swimming Championship is held in Iceland every year. There are two kinds of 5 km competition in the sea. One choice of competing will be in wetsuit and the other with swimsuit only.  Also there is a choice of competing in a 1 km fun race - swimsuit only. For both women and men at the same time.
The popularity of open water swimming has been increasing for the last couple of years and those sorts of sportevents attracts international competitors from all over the world. Open water swimming opened a whole new world of vacation opportunities for swimmers. And now it is possible in Iceland!! So this is a great oppertunity to take a vacation in Iceland and participate in a open water swimming competition.
The Golden Circle Challenge - cycling copetition
The Golden Circle Challenge is an annual cycling competition held in Iceland in August. There are 3 routes to suit both professional riders and beginners alike. The rides all start and finish at lake Laugarvatn. At the Golden Circle Challenge, the emphasise is on a warm, family friendly atmosphere where everybody can participate and enjoy a day out together.
Rey Cup
The Rey Cup is an international football tournament for youth teams of boys aged under 13, 14 and 16, as well as girls under 13 and 15, held at Reykjavik's Laugardalur Sport Centre in July every year.
LungA Art Festival
LungA Art Festival is held in Seydisfjordur at the East fjords in Iceland every year. In the middle of July people gather for a week in this small town of only 700 inhabitants, to enjoy the space that gets created by electric vibes from various art forms melting together when young people from all over the world unite in one place through their creativity. LungA is first and foremost a festival with the purpose of summoning people in creation and to strengthen awareness and knowledge about art and culture.
The Reykholt Music Festival
This is an international classical music festival (since 1997) held each year in the last week of July in historic Reykholt in West Iceland. The festival has earnt the reputation of beeing of very high standard and is now one of the biggest festivals in the country in the classical field.
Labor Day Weekend
The first weekend in August is a long weekend throughout Iceland and everything is shut on the Monday. Icelanders by the thousands take to their cars and head out of town to camp in the wilds or join in one of the organized events that are held throughout the country. These range from teetotaling family festivities to to outdoor loud rock festivals.
Innipukinn Festival
Innipúkinn is an annual music festival, held in Reykjavík on this bank holiday weekend, the first weekend in August, intended for those who want to be in the city during this weekend. Past guests include; Cat Power, Blonde Redhead, Mugison, Raveonnettes, Hjálmar, Trabant, Seabear, Jonathan Ritchman, Mínus, Dikta,  FM Belfast, Televison + many more.
Reykjavik Cultural Night
Throughout the night, the sun never sets on the city's cultural celebrations in the form of music, live performance and exhibitions. Shops and bars stay open later to cater for the thousands who attend. The Reykjavík Cultural Night has become an essential part of the city's cultural scene. With the midnight sun still keeping things light for almost 24 hours, Reykjavíkites fill the streets to party. The Reykjavik Marathon is run in the morning and visitors from abroad are treated to a double dose of what Reykjavik has to offer.
Reykjavík Marathon
This event goes hand-in-hand with the Reykjavik Cultural Night and although international attendance at the marathon is still small, the overall cultural experience is increasing in popularity every year. The marathon has a fantastic festive atmosphere with many spectators encouraging the athletes from the sidelines. It takes place in and around the beautiful town of Reykjavik and the runners get to enjoy the scenic location of the race. This annual event involves thousands of participants from Iceland and abroad. Marathon proper, half marathon and a so called fun run (4.3 miles). Runners can choose between the full marathon, a half-marathon, a 10km (6 mile) run, or 7km (4 mile) and 3km (2 mile) "fun runs." The rest of the day and night are loaded with free concerts and cultural events, and once it's reasonably dark, a fireworks display kicks off. Third weekend in August.
Reykjavik Gay Pride
Colorful and merry gay parade has become very popular with the residents of the capital who join the festivities every year. A full schedule of events related to the festival fills the city exciting things to see and discover during the festival days.
Great Fish Day in Dalvik North Iceland
On Great Fish Day, fresh seafood is cooked up using traditional Icelandic recipes and fusion styles, then offered free of charge to visitors to Dalvik harbour. Street entertainment and live performances.
Tango Festival
The Tango Festival, Tango on Ice, has been growing over the years and features internationally famous dance teachers.  The Tango festival offers workshops, tango bands and a tangoDJ, tango shows and Milonga until daybreak.
Argentine tango is about life and, especially, about the relationship between a man and a woman. Argentine tango has been a passion for dancers for more than 100 years. Dancers love tango for its beauty, mistery, passion and excitement. Learning to dance tango socially is based on improvisational movement and respecting both your partner and the other dancers on the floor.