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    Joining from abroad?                                                             Joining as an Icelandic citizen or resident?  

If you live outside Iceland, you will not be eligible to purchase an HI membership card online.
However, there a number of ways you can join the HI community:


As an Icelandic citizen or resident, you can choose between different kinds of membership, depending on your needs. Choose the membership that makes the most sense for you. 


Purchase membership from your nearest HI Hostel Association or HI Hostel.

      Adult:     Age 18 and over. 
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Purchase a 12-month eMembership on 

      Family:  Parent/s and all children under the age of 18.
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    Purchase an HI membership card (individual membership) at any of the HI Hostels in Iceland upon arrival.               Group:   For all organised groups with more than 10 members.
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