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Álftaland, Reykhólum
380 Reykhólahreppur
GPS: 65° 27,256'N, 22° 11,901'W
Tel:  (+354) 892 7558 / 863 2363

Hostel Details

Enjoy the diverse nature at this southern gateway to the Westfjords


Reykhólar, at the southern edge of the Westfjords, is a bird-watcher´s paradise as it is possible to spot almost all bird species that breed in Iceland. Stay at the charming renovated hostel, located by the seaside, to explore the natural wonders of the area. Enjoy a quiet walk among the birch trees, which surround Reykhólar Hostel, or hike the nearby mountains to experience the great view over Breiðafjörður bay with its endless islands and islets. Close by are the unique Seaweed Baths of Reykhólar, where you can relax and allow your skin to soak in the powerful and nurturing elements of the seaweed. In the area is a very variable bird life; it is simply a birdwatchers paradise. The Whooper swan, which is the biggest Icelandic bird, nests in this part of the country. The main nesting place of the birds´ king, the sea eagle, is also in this area.


Opening times:

Opening times (daily/weekly):    24h
Opening times (over the year):   From 1. May to 30. September.

Nearest hostels:

Bíldudalur 183 km (ca. 2 hours 15 min) - Korpudalur 241 km (ca. 3 hours)  - Broddanes 82 km (ca. 1 hour) - Sæberg 131 km (ca. 1 hour 35 min)


Distance from Reykjavík:

228 km (ca. 2 hours 40 min)

 Suitable for wheelchair users
 Credit card accepted
  Rates include local tax
  Sheets for hire
  Luggage Store
  Self-catering kitchen
  Non smoking room/area
  Common room(s)
  Basic store available at or near the hostel



Bed Capacity


Beds per room: Beds per room:: 1 Beds per room:: 2 Total
Number of rooms: 2 8 18



Bus: There are bus connections from Reykjavík to Reykhólar 
Parking: At or near hostel. Free parking.
Location: People travelling in their own cars take road no. 607 from road no 60. The Hostel is located appr. 20 km from road no. 607

Hot tub and sauna

In Reykhólar hostel you will find both an comfortable hot tub and sauna on the veranda of the hostel. They also offer a brand new seaweed spa so drop them a line for more information.


The Reykhólar area is perfect for short hikes that offer great views of the local bird life.

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