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Dalbraut 10
GPS: 64° 13,086'N, 20° 43,982'W
Tel:  (+354) 899-5409 / 486-1215

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Hostel Details

Laugarvatn HI Hostel is in the center of the Golden Circle route 

A great place for exploring or you can relax and get pampered at the Fontana geothermal steam baths. 

Laugarvatn is a village with 300 inhabitants and is located midway between Þingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir, 100 km from Reykjavík. The Hostel is located in 3 houses, all of them have well equipped guest kitchens and a living room with TV. Two of the houses have hot tubs available for the guests and the third one is next to an outdoor swimming pool. One of the buildings has rooms with en-suite facilities.


In the village you will find, in addition to a great swimming pool, a post office, grocery store and a restaurant.Just outside Laugarvatn there is a golf course and possibilites for angling in waters and rivers and the area is great for hiking. The Hostel has an Econoliner for 13 passengers and groups can book pick-up, e.g. from Keflavík airport, or tours to Landmannalaugar and the Highlands.

Opening times:

Opening times (over the year):    The hostel is open February 1st - November 30th 
Opening times (over the day):     The reception is open 8:00-20:00 during the summer (May 15 - September 15) and 9:00-18:00 during the winter (September 16 - May 14)

Nearest Hostels:


Selfoss 40 km (ca. 30 min) -  Eyrarbakki  52 km (ca 40 min) -  Gaulverjaskóli 54 km (ca. 40 min)  - Árnes 46 km (ca. 35 min)


Distance from Reykjavík:

93 km (ca. 1 hour 5 min)

 - Family rooms available   
 - Internet access
 - Garden
 - Suitable for wheelchair users
 - Café/Bar
 - Green Hostel
 - Hostel open 24h
 - Meals available
 - Playground
 - Sheets for hire
 - Male only
 - Sports
 - Self-catering kitchen
 - Female only
 - Rates include local tax
 - Groups welcome
 - Individual traveller welcome
 - Cycle store at Hostel
 - Common room(s)
 - Luggage Store
 - BBQ
 - Sauna
 - Non smoking room/area
 - Laundry facilities
 - Basic store available at or near the hostel



Bed Capacity


Beds per room: bedicon1 bedicon2 bedicon3 bedicon4 bedicon5 bedicon6 Total
Number of rooms: 1 16 4 19 3 1 142


There are daily bus connections to Laugarvatn from Reykjavík and Selfoss. The bus stops just outside the Hostel.
At or near hostel
Laugarvatn is situated on road no. 37 appr. 50 km. from road no 1.


Þingvellir National Park is the most important place in Icelandic history and has been a national park since 1928. It's situated on the banks of lake Þingvallavatn, which is the largest lake in Iceland (84 km²). The historical Icelandic parliament (Alþingi) was founded there in the year 930. It was the biggest annual event for Icelandic farmers. They came together for two weeks every summer to meet each other and to follow the parliament sessions. At this site, Icelanders voted to become Christians in the year 1000. Þingvellir is a large lava field, situated right on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the European and North American plates are moving apart.


Geysir is a hot spring area in the valley Haukadalur, named after the famous hot spring Geysir. Eruptions of Geysir itself are unpredictable, but the hot spring Strokkur erupts every 5 to 10 minutes.


Gullfoss is a famous and very impressive waterfall in the river Hvítá but the name means Golden Waterfall. The water falls into a gorge, which is 70 m deep. The waterfall itself is 32 m high and 250 m wide, falling in two cascades.There's an exhibition on the nature reserve of river Hvítá situated in an information center called Sigríðarstofa.

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