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Suðurgata 32
GPS: 64° 18,923'N, 22° 5,209'W

Tel: (+354) 868 3332

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Hostel Details

Akranes has a diverse and friendly community, thriving sports life, and is close to both the capital area and the historically rich areas of West Iceland


The Akranes Hostel is situated in an old and respectable house which used to be the town’s pharmacy. It is located downtown, close to the town square. The rooms are comfortable and nicely furnished, with or without en-suite facilities. Our guests have access to two fully equipped kitchens and a spacious lounge.

The history of Akranes goes all the way back to the Age of Settlement when Irish people of Norwegian descent settled here around 880. For the last few hundred years, the main industry in Akranes has been fishing, but for the few last decades trade and service has grown considerably. In Akranes you will find a thriving sports– and cultural life as well as interesting museums, such as the most comprehensive collection of Icelandic rock, minerals and interesting fossils, the Icelandic sport museum and Akranes folk museum to name a few.

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers should find numerous things of interest. The westernmost part of Akranes, called Breiðin, with things reminiscent of the history of fishing in the area, reveals huge breaker waves in windy weather. The closeness to the sea attracts a lot of different kinds of birds. Mt Akrafjall may be accessed by car and offers interesting climbs, and Langisandur beach is close at hand. Magnificent views may be enjoyed over Faxaflói bay, the adjacent mountains and the surrounding areas. North of Akrafjall is Grunnafjordur. Grunnafjordur is one of three wetland habitats in Iceland that are a part of the international Ramsar agreement. The agreement was originally made in an effort to protect and utilize exceptional ecosystems particularly with stocks of ducks, geese and other wetland species in mind.



Opening times

Opening times (daily/weekly):    Reception open 8:00-10:00 and 17:00-22:00.
Opening times (over the year):    Open all year round

Nearest hostels

Borgarnes 37 km (ca. 30 min) -  Grundarfjörður 141 km (ca. 1 hour 40 min) - Sæberg 140 km ( 1 hour 40 min)

Distance from Reykjavík

50 km (ca. 40 min) 

 - Family rooms available
 - Internet access   
 - Non smoking room/area
 - Sheets for hire
 - Credit card accepted
 - Basic store available at or near the hostel
 - TV room
 - Male only
 - Garden
 - Self-catering kitchen
 - Female only
 - Rates include local tax
 - Groups welcome
 - Individual traveller welcome
 - Cycle store at Hostel
 - Common room(s)
 - Luggage Store
 - BBQ

Hostel bed capacity

Beds per room: bedicon2 bedicon3 bedicon4 Total
Number of rooms: 4 3 2 25


Several buses run daily between Akranes and the center of Reykjavík, with a stop-over in Mosfellsbær town. 

Free parking at the hostel

The hostel is situated in 3 minutes walking distance from the old center of Akranes town, called Akratorg, and the shopping street. 5 minutes walk to the harbour.


From road #1 take Road 51. 


Fascinating fjords

Hvalfjörður fjord is only a short while away from Akranes hostel but the fjord was a part of ring road #1 until 1998 when the tunnel under the fjord was opened. There used to be a whaling station in Hvalfjörður, it was closed in 1992, but now it is in use again for a few days every year. Experienced hikers can hike to the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur 210 m. It is at least a two hours hike, starting from the bottom of the fjord up through the valley Botnsdalur. Seek information before starting a hike.


The Akranes Folk Museum is situated on the ancient manor of Garðar.The museum preserves a comprehensive collection of exhibits from former times, bearing witness to farming, housekeeping and social conditions in and around Akranes. Among the exhibits on display is a rowing boat with full rigging from 1874, a selection of other items connected with seafaring and fishing, models of boats and ships, a gun from a coastguard vessel and a pair of trawl-wire cutters from the so-called Cod Wars with the British.

Black sand beaches

Langisandur is without a doubt one of the best beaches in all Iceland -- a bathing beach almost in the middle of the town on hot summer days, when the sea is pleasantly warm and all the top heroes dive in or splash around in the sea.  You will need to take pail and shovel with you to Langasandur as it is the perfect place to build sandcastles. It's also great fun to walk along the beach looking for beautiful shells and colourful stones to take home.


Garðavöllur, the Akranes golf course, is one of the country's best and in the summer of 2000 was formally opened after being extended from 9 to 18 holes. Garðavöllur, which is the only 18-hole golf course in the western part of the country, is renowned for its beautiful and interesting surroundings, good upkeep and excellent putting greens. The variegated layout of the course has been a surprise for even the most experienced golfers, but its special attraction is undoubtedly the fact that one fairway is one of the longest in Iceland - and beware of the many sand traps.


Akrafjall has long been an outdoor paradise for the people of Akranes, as it is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets of the area.Akrafjall is a mountain that is relatively easy to climb and therefore offers a choice outing for the family. The climb does not require much experience or expensive equipment, only necessary protective clothing and a minimum of physical ability. A detailed map of the main trails up Akrafjall is widely available, e.g., at the information centres and petrol stations in Akranes.


Sustainability at Akranes Hostel

We want to contribute to supporting and strengthening the environmental consciousness and sense of responsibility of both Icelandic and foreign travellers in Iceland by offering guests facilities, services and recreation where responsible treatment of natural and cultural surroundings are the guiding principles; The environmental policy of HI Iceland



Akranes Green Hostel Iceland certification 2014-1

Green Hostel Certification

The Green Hostel certification is based on environmental and social requirements set out by HI Iceland, with the professional support of an independent consulting agency which audits the hostels.

Akranes HI Hostel has proved its commitment to sustainable practices and put special emphasizes on topics like consumption/purchasing, reusing and recycling,  pollution, energy and water, transportation, external surroundings and environmental education.


Download the Green Hostels Audit Report for Akranes




HI Iceland has included enviromental and social aspects in the organization’s Quality Standards for many years. All HI Iceland hostels must fulfill the General Quality Standards which include mandatory environmental requirements. 

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