The Elfin Tour

Elfins are important creatures in iceland. They get to decide where roads can go and houses can be built. On this tour we see some places populated by these special creatures. We pass the small cleft Alfakví and the old sheep´s house that cannot be removed without serious consequences. Some elfins are musical; Skjólklettur is the place of the elfins´church, where singing has been heard. On our way to the elfins´hill, Enbúi, populated by friendly and sometimes singing elfins, we also experience good töld paths.


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Quick Facts

Daily from accommodation in Reykjavík at 8:20


Price 2015:

11.900 ISK.

Transfer and light lunch at Hótel Eldhestar.


4,5 - 5 hours, 1,5 - 2 hours of riding

How to book

This tour is bookable upon arrival in our Reykjavík hostels or by sending an e-mail to

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