Puffin watching tours from Old harbour in Reykjavik

Family friendly Puffin tours in  tradtional fishing boat from Reykjavik

The puffin islands are small islands located in the bay outside of Reykjavík. It ́is only 15 minutes sailing from Reykjavík Old harbour, from where departed.


Puffin is the most common bird in Iceland (about 3.3 million birds). Puffin have colonies on the island of Akurey ( 15.000 pairs) and on the island of Lundey (10.000 pairs).


The birdwatching tour is on a charming old 40 feet tradtional fishing boat. The boat is qualified to serve passengers and with all the latest safety-equipment. The boat is located in the heart of the Old harbour, near Víkin Maritime Museum.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing due to weather. Also bring your camera and the good mood.

Quick Facts

Daily from 1st Mai to 23th August at 15:00, 17:00  and 19:00 from the Old harbour in Reykjavik.

Price 2017: 
Adults 6.900 ISK  
Children 7-15: 3.000 ISK


Pick up and drop off:

2.000 ISK - Children: 1000 ISK

A guided boat trip and  binoculars.

Approximately one hour.

How to book

This tour is bookable online, upon arrival in our Reykjavík hostels or by sending an e-mail to tours@hostel.is 




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