Northern Lights by Boat Tour


Experience a hunt for the Northern lights on sea, escaping the lights of the city! 


Northern Lights by boat!  Hunting the Northern lights from the ocean is an amazing experience; sailing away from the coastline of Reykjavik and seeing the aurora borealis out on the North-Atlantic ocean with beautiful mountains and the city lights in the backround is something you won't forget. Our expert guide will tell you all about the northern lights, as well as explaining the underlying scientific facts that make this magical light show possible. 


In only 15-30 minutes we will be on a prime location away from the city lights, perfect for viewing the auroras.

Free ticket to the Aurora Reykjavik included - Iceland's first recreational Northern Lights Center where you can learn all about the Northern Lights, stories, facts and much more about the beautiful and magical Aurora Borealis!

  • These tours are subject to correct weather conditions and sightings cannot be guaranteed. The tour operator reserves the right to cancel the tour due to unfavourable weather conditions if needed.


  • If you join the tour and don't see the northern lights, the tour operator offers you another ticket for free!



Northern Lights by Boat

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Quick Facts

Daily departures:

1 September - 15 October at 22:00

16 October - 14 March at 21:00

15 March - 15 April at 22:00


Price 2014:

8.000 ISK per person.

50% discount for children 7-15 years old.

Free for children 0-6 years old. 


Pick up service is available in the capital area (not included in price)



  • Free ticket to Aurora Reykjavik - Northern Lights Center.
  • Northern lights boat tour (2-3 hours). 
  • New and warm overalls for your comfort on board.
  • Wireless internet on board.
  • Drinks, snacks and souvenirs available for purchase.
  • If you join our tour and dont see the northern lights we offer you another ticket for free!



How to book

This tour can be booked upon arrival at our Reykjavík hostels or by sending an email to




Northern Lights Forecast

Now you can plan your Northern Lights trips around Iceland in accordance with an Aurora Borealis forecast that shows expected acticity on selcted dates. For further information, go to The Icelandic Met Office's website.

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