Guided Hiking Tour in the Reykjanes Peninsula

This tour is not in operation during the winter


A full days' hike through the geology of the Reykjanes peninsula.

On our tour you will walk through amazing lava land with all kinds of geological phenomenons. Not only beautiful but also educational. What, why, how and when it happened. 

To begin with, we walk through a lava field towards a beautiful 8000 year old lava channel, we follow that lava channel up to the top of Búrfell volcano. Búrfell is a near-circular cone with ramparts made up almost entirely of spatter ejected by lava fountains. From the top we can see the Hjallar fault system, which consists of northeast-trending fissures and faults defining a series of narrow graben and horst. In this area the plate tectonics and the Mid-Atlantic ridge are easily observed.

We take a look at older eruptions which were active during the Ice Age and see how the basalt from the eruption was transformed into palagonite (tuff). We will explore a beautiful row of craters which erupted in 1151. Towards the end of our trip we will take a look at Gullkistugjá (Goldchest fissure) where we can see with our own eyes how the land is rifting apart! 

This is a crash course in Icelandic geology 101. All the places we visit are not accessible by cars and there is no other tour operator giving guided tours in that area. The hike is approx. 15 km/10 m. 

Total duration of this tour is 8 hours, thereof 5 hours active hiking. So there is enough time to enjoy our beautiful nature and take a lot of pictures. Hiking boots required. This hike is not very difficult, but sometimes the terrain in the lava is kind of uneven.





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Quick Facts

Tour details:

Departures at Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Pick up: 8:30-9:00 



Transport and guiding services.


Not included

Food. We will make a quick stop in the beginning at a supermarket

Price 2016:
Adults: 10.900  ISK

Children (3 - 12): 50% discount

Min. age: 3 years

Minimun 4 persons.




How to book

This tour can be booked upon arrival in our Reykjavík hostels or by sending an e-mail to

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