Day Tour Snorkeling at Silfra in Iceland 


You don’t need to be a certified diver in order to experience water at its clearest!  Snorkeling Silfra is for everyone who feels comfortable in water and is a fantastic adventure for the whole family.


There are daily snorkeling trips to Silfra where you will float between two continental plates, surrounded by the astonishing clarity of the water and the mesmerizing colors of this underwater world.


The snorkeling tour begins when we pick you up at your accommodation in Reykjavík and drive with you to Thingvellir National Park. During the one-hour drive, your guide will provide you with background information about the unique geology and cultural history of Silfra as well as the surrounding area of the UNESCO world heritage site – Thingvellir.


Upon arrival at Silfra, your guide will give you your dry suit and snorkeling equipment. Your guide will explain how to use this equipment and how to ensure that you will be warm and comfortable during your 30 to 40 minute snorkeling tour of Silfra Hall, Silfra Cathedral, and Silfra Lagoon.


During your snorkel you will explore the four main parts of Silfra. You will float through Big Crack, Silfra’s narrowest section and where the continental plates are so close you can almost touch them.
The fissure then widens into Silfra Hall. Here the full spectrum of Silfra’s colours and clarity become all the more apparent. At this point if you look at just the right angle you can see all the way to Thingvallavatn, over 150m away. Near to the opening to Thingvallavatn we will enter the Silfra Cathedral; as the depth reaches 23m you feel like you are flying over the boulders and glacial silt. Your snorkel is finished in the endless visibility of Silfra Lagoon.


Make sure to drink some of the Silfra water while you are snorkeling! Who knows when you will be able to drink water so pure again.


Quick Facts

Departure: Daily departures from accommodation in Reykjavík. 

Pick up in Reykjavík begins one hour EARLIER than the tour times.

Included: All equipment needed (first class equipment for snorkelling in all standard sizes), transport and guide, hot chocolate and cookies after the snorkelling, 1000 ISK entrance fee into Silfra. 


Excluded: Pick up service is available only for certain tours, please choose carefully. Pick up service costs an additional 5.000,- ISK.


What to bring: Long underwear, thick socks and suitable clothing for the weather. 

Duration: 4 - 5 hours

Minimum: 2 pax (please contact us if you are a solo traveller). Maximum of 8 snorkelers per snorkel guide. 


Prerequisites: Minimum age of 14 years on the year, 150cm in height and 45kg in weight. Have read, signed, and followed directions on the Snorkeling Silfra Medical StatementYou need to be comfortable in water, physically fit and be able to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit. This tour is not suitable for those who are pregnant.


How to book

This tour can be booked directly on our website, upon arrival in our Reykjavík hostels or by sending an email to Due to limited availability we recommend you book the tour in advance.






Snorkeling in Silfra

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