Inside the Volcano

Interested in seeing how a volcano looks like on the inside?


This unique volcano tour, takes you literally inside a dormant volcano, through the top crater and to the bottom of its magma chamber, once filled with steaming hot lava. A unique opportunity to descend inside the magmatic chamber of a dormant Icelandic volcano.

The dormant Þríhnúkagígur volcano is a unique natural phenomenon. By putting up the necessary gear and equipment, a tour has been created that opens the door to a new world. And it really isn't that complicated to experience it, only a moderate 45-50 min. hike to the crater and then the guts to descend 120 meters/400 ft to the bottom of the crater in an open cable lift.


Fitness level needed: Moderate (the difficulty is 2-3 out of a possible 5). No knowledge of hiking or climbing is required. It's not an uphill walk, but the surface is hilly and uneven. This is not a tour for those in no or limited physical shape.

Distance Walked: Approximately 3 km (2 miles) each way. The walk usually takes around 45-50 minutes (depending on the people in the group). A guide will be with you at all times on the walk.

It is safe

The safety is the number one priority on each and every tour. All equipment and processes have been tested extensively and approved by the administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland.  


Quick Facts


Every day from 15 May  - 15 October 2017.

Pick-up: 07:15/08:15**/09:15/11:15/12:15**/13:15/15:15*

From October: 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00

* Additional departure at 16:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
** Additional departures until September 20th at 09:00 and 13:00. 

Price 2017:  42.000 ISK.

Youth (12-17): Full adult fare. Minimum age : 12

Included: Bus transfer and visit to the crater, safety gear such as helmets, harness etc.

Bring with you: Good hiking shoes and warm clothes. Wear warm clothes (sneakers and jeans will not do you any good).

Duration: 5 - 6 hours.


Travelling with children

Minimum age: 12

Maximum number of pax per tour: 15


How to book

This tour can be booked on our website, upon arrival in our Reykjavík hostels or by sending an e-mail to







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