Sample Itineraries for travelling in Iceland


Although the number of inhabitants may suggest otherwise, Iceland is actually quite a big island. For those visiting for the first time, getting together a solid plan to fit your stay can prove overwhelming. But do not worry, we are here to help you. We have put together various sample itineraries that you can use for inspiration to plan your journey. The sample itineraries cover both the ring road as well as specific areas of the country. We recommend to our customers to "Slow Down, Enjoy"; we have HI Hostels all around Iceland and there is plenty to see and do around all of them. Staying more than one night at each hostel is a good idea so you'll have enough time to enjoy what that particular area has to offer. 


HI Iceland does not offer pre-booked packages; we want our customers to have the freedom to decide their own itinerary. You choose! Each itinerary has an extensive list of attractions to see along the way. You can use our suggestions to put together your own journey by picking out attractions you find most interesting. We are of course happy to help if you need any advice regarding your itinerary. 


We are in the process of updating the sample itineraries here below. These itineraries are of course valid although we would like to point out that Bíldudalur Hostel and Ytra Lón Hostel are no longer part of the HI Iceland chain. We have new hostels in Reykhólar on the Westfjords and in Eyrarbakki, a small village on the south coast not far from the capital area. The itineraries where the hostels in Bíldudalur and Ytra lón are included can easily be modified by adding an extra night at another hostel.


The future of Siglufjörður Hostel is undecided at present; we recommend booking Dalvík or Akureyri Hostel instead. 


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