Working with Farfuglar

Farfuglar / Hostelling International Iceland is an Icelandic non-for-profit membership based organization in cooperation with 4000 HI hosels in more than 80 countries and 4 million members across the world. Farfuglar´s mission is to support sustainable and responsible tourism as well as cultural diversity.

Reykjavik HI Hostels are part of the organization, owned and run by HI Iceland. 

We are growing and looking for dynamic new talents in the Reykjavík team. 

We believe that a work place is more than a place where you just do your job. It's a place where you learn, grow, make friends and have fun. We believe a career is not only about money, but about quality of life. In other words, we provide more than a pay cheque, we provide an experience! 

Values we share:We work to provide our guests with an experience that enriches their travelling adventures.We are passionate about what we do.We believe that a professional work place can also be informal and fun.We all contribute to providing a work environment our team feels fortunate to be a part of.
We cherish our core values and live by them: Respect, Broad-mindedness and Hospitality.   




Receptionist - Reykjavík Campsite

Night Receptionist - Reykjavík Campsite

Housekeeping – Reykjavík Campsite

Night Receptionist - Reykjavík City Hostel

Night Receptionist – LOFT Hostel



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