We got the HI Sustainability Grant

The project Restore our Land got the grant this year. The project aim is that HI Iceland joins forces with Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association in order to offset the CO2 emissions of staff and guests staying at the HI Iceland Hostels by offering them the chance to take part in restoration and carbon sequestration initiatives. The estimation of number of tonnes CO2 reduced is 28 tonnes of CO2 per year.


Iceland has long suffered from severe land degradation and desertification. Over 95% of original native birch woodland is lost since human settled the island one thousand years ago and about 40% of the country is now a barren desert or otherwise poorly vegetated. This pilot project forms the first phase of a larger participatory restoration project. Here is HI Iceland’s project: Restore Our Land 

What is HI Sustainability Fund?
The Hostelling International Sustainability Fund (HISF) was launched in April 2012. The idea of this being that the HI traveller can donate a small amount of money per overnight stay through our booking platform www.hihostels.com to the HISF in order to help our network to finance projects to reduce their CO2 emissions. Following a great success in the first two editions, the HI Sustainability Fund will award the best hostel projects with a grant from the fund again this year!

We are so happy and proud.



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