Travelling Safely in Winter

Visiting Iceland in wintertime is a unique adventure and the country has so much to offer to those travelling in this period. The weather conditions can be difficult to predict beforehand, and it's necessary to familiarise yourself with the road and weather conditions before setting out. We care deeply about our customers' safety and our aim is that everyone should return home safe and sound.  



Therefore, we advise our customers to monitor the road and weather conditions closely whilst travelling around the country. On road.is you can find information on the road conditions all around Iceland, and on vedur.is you have the weather forecast, both for the whole country and specific areas. If you need help or information on road conditions, you can call 1777 or 1778 (answering machine for road conditions and weather). 



On safetravel.is you find tips on how to travel safely in Iceland.


In case of emergency, please call 112. 



We wish everyone a safe journey and a lovely stay in Iceland! 



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