Three new quality certified hostels

The Akranes, Bíldudalur and Grundarfjörður Hostels were recently successfully certified as HI Quality Hostels. This certificate is an official recognition by Hostelling International, of excellence in provision of service and hospitality.  


Hostels around the world have been working with HI-Quality management system since 2004 but up until now it has only been available for bigger hostels. The hosts of the three hostels therefore took part in adapting and developing the system to the needs of small and mid-size hostels in cooperation with Hostelling International and HI Iceland.


Akranes, Bildudalur and Grundarfjorður Hostels all have excellent facilities, and our guests can look forward to their stay, now as always. They are all located in the West part of the country, which has great nature and scenery and is great for those who want to experience Iceland at its best and get to stay in small and friendly communities. HI Iceland congratulates the hosts  on the certification, they have done a great job and we know they will continue to do so.




Just look at the photo, this happy bunch of people is looking forward to welcoming you at their hostels!

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