Israeli Blog Winner in Iceland

Hostelling International introduced the Big Blog Exchange competition earlier this year, where bloggers from all over the world competed for a trip to a foreign country. An Icelandic blogger was one of the 16 lucky winners and got the opportunity to swop blogs with the 22 year old girl Ali from Israel that lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Ali came to Iceland on June 8th and will be blogging about her thoughts and Icelandic experience on this blog during her 10 days stay in Iceland.


Ali is a lively and outgoing girl with plenty of travelling experience. This is how she experienced her bus ride from the airport to the Blue Lagoon, less than an hour after her arrival:


ali - bláa lónið“Hot (or frozen from the Icelandic summer weather) off the plane, I caught the Reykjavik Excursions shuttle which drove me straight to the geothermal pools of the Blue Lagoon.

I am pretty sure that my face gave away my overpowering feeling of awe as I sat dazed and confused, staring out of the bus´s large cold windows at this surreal landscape which stared right back at me.

Lava fields from the 13th century now infused with mossy vegetation would make for THE ideal advert for a fancy four wheel drive advert. I half expected to see Gollum clambering over the rough surfaces in a desperate attempt to outsmart (I suppose not that difficult) and outrun an army of Orcs.

Yes. I am definitely on my way to Mordor. This place is cool.“


Ali has also been to the Snæfellsnes peninsula and is currently she is on a road trip (and driving for the first time in right hand traffic) in Southern Iceland where she will be visiting Skógar, Vagnsstaðir and Vík hostels, and exploring all the wonders of the south.  She will return to Reykjavík and Loft hostel tomorrow where she will be picked up for all her exciting trips, such as snorkelling in Þingvellir, cave walking and the Golden Circle.


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