Reykjavik City Hostel receives its well-deserved makeover

Reykjavik City Hostel receives its well-deserved makeover. For a whole year, this sustainable, family-friendly hostel has been undergoing major refurbishment.  The modern, appealing look and feel should be completed by the end of this year and will be celebrated in festive style this December.  



The hostel is located in Laugardalur, the green area of the capital, next door to the city´s campsite, geothermal outdoor pool and sport arenas.  Literally thousands of guests from far and wide have stayed at the hostel since its opening in 1986.  Architect Hróbjartur Hróbjartsson created the original design and  the interior design was now created by architect Steinunn Halldórsdóttir at VA arkitektar.  

City Hostel is offering 42 rooms with a total of 180 beds, a coffee bar, multi-purpose areas for cooking, parties, meetings and workshops for groups of all sizes. Guests can also relax in the hostel's lounge or on its terraces after an exhausting day out and about exploring all local attractions. 




There are rooms for two to six guests that are suitable for individual guests (families and backpackers) and groups of all sizes (school classes, friends, sports associations, etc.). All rooms have been furnished with custom-made beds. Comfort and privacy has been enhanced and new lounge and play areas have been made.  Also, new colors and signage throughout the building.




During the refurbishment, HI Iceland has made countless green choices in accordance with its Sustainability policies.  Reykjavik City Hostel was the first hospitality place in Reykjavík to be certified by the Swan Eco label as well as holding the HI Quality Certificate.

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