Partnering with Landvernd on nature conservation

The Icelandic Environment Association, Landvernd and HI Iceland, have signed an agreement in partnering on nature conservation.

This partnership stands up for Landvernd’s and HI-Iceland‘s missions to provide environmental education, raise awareness and support sustainable tourism and responsible travelling in Iceland.

Landvernd's role is to safeguard Icelandic nature and be an active participant in strategic planning, education and informed decision-making in matters relating to land use, resources and the environment. HI Iceland  has ever since it was formed ( 1939 ) focused on respecting the nature and making travelling accessible for everyone.  To assist with nature conservation efforts, HI-Iceland is offering its guests the chance to support two long term conservations projects run by Landvernd and the development of a joint project between HI Iceland and Landvernd. 

More detailed information about the projects can be found here


Samstarf Landvernd 2014


Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, CEO of Landvernd, and Emilia Prodea, Quality and Sustainability Manager at HI Iceland, signing the agreement.

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