Live in the Lobby at Reykjavík Downtown Hostel

Live in the Lobby is a concert series hosted by the Reykjavík Downtown Hostel, which aims to present some of Iceland’s best music to our guests and the world.

Every other Wednesday night this winter, we have hosted, recorded, and filmed very intimate free concerts in the lobby of the Reykjavík Downtown Hostel. After each show, the videos are uploaded to the Live In the Lobby Tumblr page, where they are free and available for you to enjoy at your own convenience.

We here at HI Iceland couldn't be happier about how these great events have turned out and want to thank all the amazing artists that have played live in our lobby this winter. Live in the lobby will go on a short hiatus during the summer but not until two more fantastic groups have graced us with their presence.


Live in the Lobby presents: Boogie Trouble

On May 23rd, things get groovy and funky at Reykjavík Downtown Hostel when Reykjavík Downtown's very own receptionist, Klara, and her Icelandic disco group, Boogie Trouble, take over the  lobby! You should put on your dancing shoes for this one. 


Live in the Lobby presents: Kiriyama Family

The second act of the month are Kiriyama Family! This indie-electro-pop band are just about to release their first album, after having already released a few fun singles on Icelandic radio. The Kiriyama Family is going to turn the lobby into a dance party on May 31st - come on over and join us!

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