Icelandic Hostel the best HI Hostel in the World


Reykjavik Downtown Hostel has been awarded as the best HI Hostel in the world in 2015 by Hostelling International.


Proud staff at Reykjavik downtonwn Hostel 2015

Loft Hostel Reykjavík is in 4th place and Berunes Hostel is in 5th place. All together, there are 9 Icelandic HI Hostels on the list of the 50 best HI Hostels in the world this year. 

Award 2015 Reykjavik Downtown Hostel


The result is based on reviews from guests who booked their stay through the HI booking engine. In total, there are 2500 hostels bookable online on this site so this is a great achievement for the Icelandic HI Hostels. 


Last year, Loft Hostel Reykjavík was awarded as the best HI Hostel in the World and Reykjavík Downtown Hostel was in second place.

We want to  give our guests who gave ratings many thanks for selecting Reykjavik Downtown Hostel as the world's best HI Hostel.  


Warm congratulations to our great staff at the hostels. 


Reykjavik downtown Hostel 2015_HI Report

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