Hostelling International introduce again the Big Blog Exchange competition

Hostelling International introduce again this year the Big Blog Exchange competition,  run by Hostelling International, where bloggers from all over the world competed for a trip to a foreign country.

Anyone can enter The Big Blog Exchange, the only thing you need is your own blog. All genres of bloggers are welcome, in any language, in any country.

The final 16 lucky selected bloggers will be exchanging places with another blogger from across the world. HI will be following each of the bloggers journeys, as they explore their exchange destination, immersing themselves in local culture.

Flights, accommodation and a daily allowance will be provided for the duration of your stay.


Whether you’ve just set up your blog or it’s been around for ten years. Whether you have one million readers or just the one. Whether you blog about politics, global warming, travel, fashion, beauty or even cupcakes! Wherever you live, whatever language you blog in… We are looking for 16 passionate and adventurous bloggers to make the Big Blog Exchange 2014 an amazing experience all over again.


This is so exciting and you can apply here Big Blog Exchange 2014

Here are the winners from last year Big Blog Exchange 2013 

Watch the trailer for The Big Blog Exchange 2014.


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