HI Iceland does well in sustainability

Hostelling International has for a long time been focusing on sustainability and how the hostels can reduce the impact travels and travellers have on the environment. To get more information on what guests think, an extended customer survey has been sent to visitors who have booked accommodation online. One of the topics asked about is sustainability, as it is hugely important to us.

The results are very positive for HI Iceland. The hostels in Iceland jointly scored very well on the survey and we came second on the list of 31 countries rated. We are very proud of this. By getting the answers from guests we can also see where and what we can improve, and that is of course our aim. 

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding sustainability at our hostels we would love to hear from you, please be in contact with Asta at astakristin@hostel.is.

And if you are planning a trip and want to see how you can reduce your impact on our nature, check out our green tips for travellers.

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