Great success for Icelandic HI-hostels

Reykjavik Downtown Hostel and Bildudalur HI Hostel were awarded for outstanding achievements according to guests who book their stay through the HI booking engine.

Our guests choose the best hostel as well as awards are presented in 5 different categories. Our Reykjavik Downtown Hostel was nominated as the best hostel of all HI hostels and also received the third place in the category Greenest Hostel, but Downtown Hostel as well as the two other Reykjavík hostels practice their own sustainability system.


Bildudalur HI Hostel was chosen the third friendliest hostel and reached fifth place in the environmental category. This is an outstanding achievement whereas there are around 2500 hostels bookable online around the world. 


Reykjavik downtonwn Hostel 2015_vinningshafar_PRjpg

Emilia Prodea, Thomas Banakas, Kristi Strik and Sigríður Ólafsdóttir.



Silja Baldursdóttir, Bildudalur HI Hostel in Iceland. 



Winners in each category

Hostel of the Year                              Most Comfortable Hostel
1. Reykjavik Downtown Hostel   1. HI Phoenix – The Metcalf House, USA
2. HI – Martha´s Vineyard, USA   2. HI – Martha´s Vineyard, USA
3. HI – Seoul Hostel, South Korea   3. Kyota - Utno Youth Hostel, Japan
Friendliest Hostel     Greenest Hostel 
1. HI - Martha´s Vineyard, USA   1. HI Portland Hawthorne Hostel, USA
2. HI – Seoul Hostel, South Korea   2. HI - Truro, USA
3. Bildudalur Hostel - Iceland   3. Reykjavik Downtown Hostel
Best Country    
1. HI USA    
2. YHA Hong Kong    
3. HI Iceland    


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