Great achievement of Dalvík hostel

Anyone who books their accommodation on the HI booking engine gets a change to review the hostels they have stayed at. Totally there are around 2900 hostels bookable online. At the Hostelling International inner net it is possible to view the statistics of any particular hostel compared to another.


We are proud to announce that Dalvík hostel is at the top of the list of best hostels in the world. Besides there are 7 other HI Iceland hostels on the top 50 list. This list is made of reviews from May 2012 – present day. Other Icelandic hostels on the list are Reykjavaík Downtown hostel, Broddanes hostel, Kópasker, Gaulverjaskóli, Berunes, Reyðarfjörður and Bíldudalur.


The Dalvík hostel has only been run for just over a year and therefore this is a spectacular result for Kristín Aðalheiður Símonardóttir and Bjarni Gunnarsson the managers of the Dalvík hostel.


On our website, www.hostel.is further reviews on our hostels can be read.


For further information please contact Markús Einarsson, CEO of HI Iceland at ph, 861 9434 or markus@hostel.is


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