Earth Hour – Your Hostel is taking part!

The 31th of March at 20:30 o‘clock millions of people around the world will be celebrating Earth Hour. The project originates from Australia, where it was first held in 2007 and WWF World Wildlife Fund started the project which is also supported by The United Nations. It has now spread all over the world and last year millions of people in 135 countries took part. 


The numerous people, households, companies and municipalities taking part in Earth Hour will turn off all but the essential ligths and take an hour to think about the environment and raise awareness on the link between energy use and climate change and the welfare of the Earth.


The Hi-Hostels in Iceland will be taking part, so be prepared for lights to be off between 20:30-21:30. Several of the hostels will have a programme which guests can join in, such as reading ghost stories, playing cards and playing unplugged music by candlelight. Just ask your host if something is planned during Earth Hour at your hostel. Enjoy a nice moment and chat to your fellow guests in the common area of the hostel, just make sure to tread carefully in the dark. And remember to apply careful use of energy in the future – both when travelling and at home.


More information on Earth Hour is to be found on the project‘s website: www.earthhour.org   



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